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PT Cruiser Stuff For Sale
Here is a list of some parts that I am selling from my PT Cruiser and some vistor PT Cruiser stuff. The parts from the BadAssPT are in perfect usable order. The only reason I am selling them is because I have replaced the part with an after market or I have obsoleted the part. As you will see, I am NOT looking to make money from these, the prices are very competitive.

MB Quart 6.5-inch Premium Component Set      $200.00
I bought these MB Quart 6.5-inch Premium Component Set for over $700 and I have removed them from the PT Cruiser. This set will not fit in any other cars I have. They are in perfect condition, I just removed them to sell the car. These are the competition quality speakers from MB Quart. I have the original box and x-overs too. Make an offer!
Please contact [email protected] if your are interested.

If you have any PT Cruiser parts you will like to sell, contact me and I will list them here. Feedback | Contact | Copyright