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This is home to the baddest PT Cruiser on the Internet. Don't believe me? Take a look at some of the photos and parts that were added. You will close your browser thinking "why would anyone spend all of that money on a PT Cruiser?". My answer is, "Why not?". Browse the site and see...

As you browse the website you will find photos, news, links, FAQ and even a parts list. If you ever find yourself lost in the website you can always use the site map.

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Body Lines
Change of Tires
All Detailed
Bad Ass Tattoo
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1. PT Drag Racer Worlds fastest PT Cruiser
2. PT Cruiser with a Blower Model of a PT
3. Bad Ass Tattoo A tattoo of the Bad Ass PT
4. Red LED Exhaust Tip Red LED Exhaust Tip
5. Body Lines Just cleaned up
6. All Detailed Just after a detail
7. Exterior Shot Good view of the entire body style and design.
8. Change of Tires The change of tire
9. 3rd Brake light The custom 3rd brake light.
10. Front Glare Can you say bling, bling? Look at these 20 inch rims.

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10/25/2006 Many of you have asked what my next project car will be? Is there another Bad Ass XXXXXX coming? The answer is no. I have learned from this project that putting money into a car is not "investing", it is simply something you do as a project - not to make money. I have replaced the PT Cruiser in my garage with a 2007 BMW 750li sedan. There is no custom work that needs to be done on this car, this BMW is "bad ass" enough!
10/23/2006 Today I sold the PT Cruiser. It was a sad day for me, but the people who bought it where happy. I've put many hours into the car and too much money. After buying the PT Cruiser for $21K in 2001, then adding over $24K in parts, I had $44K wrapped up in this PT Cruiser. Selling it for $10K was difficult, but I needed to move on. It was a good project and I learned many things. I will continue to keep this website around as an archive of what the Bad Ass PT Cruiser once was. Look around and enjoy how I spent my money.
08/31/2006 I put the PT Cruiser into Auto Trader, Auto-RV and the local Herald papers for the next 3 weeks. I would like to sell the PT this year! Why don't people see the value in this great car? I will never understand. Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me! Feedback | Contact | Copyright